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  • Modular Design With Endless Possibilities
  • Climb, Swing, Play, Or Relax In The Shade
  • Durable Material W/5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Easily Set Up, Move, Tear Down, & Store
  • Aesthetically Pleasing… No Eyesores Here!

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“My grandson absolutely loves his! He spends hours outdoors, exploring, reading, playing and even enjoys eating in his private tent!! It’s been a god sent!”

“This is perfect for our small backyard. I love that we can move it around (or take it down) as needed. It's also aesthetically pleasing (no brightly colored plastic!). My kids have really enjoyed their new play structure!”

Certified to all US and EU standards

We stand by the safety of our product and offer 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 5 year manufacturers warranty.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

5 Year Manufactures Warranty

ASTM International


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We meet or exceed all US safety standards for Children's products and Children's outdoor play equipment including ASTM F963, F1148, EN71-1 and EN71-8

We perform UV, weathering, wind resistance and strength testing for any climate.

We conform to all standard use and abuse testing and perform extensive
misuse scenarios.

In three easy steps, you're ready to play!

1) Build Your Bijou

Assembly takes less than an hour with two adults. After your initial setup, it only takes a few moments and you’re ready to play. .

2) Play and Enjoy

Watch your children discover endless imagination. When they're done, simply collapse your Bijou and tuck it away until the next great adventure.

3) Customize your Bijou

Customize your accessories to suit your family's needs. Choose from solar panels, a rope bridge, swing, and more.


Our open-ended and modular design allows your kids to explore and play endlessly. The level of customization and play you get with your Bijou Build play structure you can’t find anywhere else.

Single-use, plastic playsets are often clunky, uninspiring, and bad for the environment. The Bijou Build’s teslin panels made of recycled material are not only sustainable, they look beautiful too.

There are so many ways you can Bijou and you can repurpose it as the years go by and the kids grow up, making it an environmentally responsible and stylish choice.

Bijou is the first play system designed for families. Kids to teens to adults can enjoy Bijou in different ways. The Solar panel and 100LEDs make a magical hangout space and the Sway is the perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee.

Bijou offers UV protection and an fun way for everyone to get outside.

Just about anywhere! It’s an outdoor play structure, but you can use it in the backyard, at the grandparent’s, the lake house and more. We do recommend a relatively flat and soft surface, so the Bijou is safely staked to the ground and the kids can play to their heart’s content.

It most certainly can! Bijou uses outdoor pro grade materials. Steel hinged bracket is powder coated steel with UV resistant coating. The metal hardware is stainless steel and the anchor feet are UV injected nylon.

The panels are made of 50% recycled water bottles and are a permeable UV Teslin material.

Bijou includes 2 storage straps so it is portable, but it is also a sturdy climbing structure so it does need to be staked down.

We also use pressure treated lumber so it is decay and mildew resistant, however, this does make the assembled Mainstay approximately 150lbs

Of course, the sun will breakdown anything given enough time, so it’s always best to store Bijou when it’s convenient or you aren’t using it, but not required, just suggested for longevity.

It’s easy peasy, lemon squeezy! Your initial assembly takes just under an hour with two adults. After that, whenever you want to Bijou, just pop it open, stake it to the ground, and get playing in just a few minutes.

Check out our Assembly Video here.

You need a Bijou Mainstay from us, which comes with all the hardware, panels, hinged bracket etc... and then you need 10ft long 2x4's from your local hardware store. If you order the wood with your Bijou, we will arrange for it to be sent from your local Lowes or Home Depot. We designed Bijou to use standard construction-grade lumber that you can find locally. No fancy cuts needed, just 10ft length pressure treated 2x4's right off the shelf.

We recommend #2 grade wood.

You will also need an 8ft step ladder and a drill to assemble the Bijou with the included wood screws and a power drill.

With that, you’re ready to get started. Assembly time with 2 adults is approx. 1 hour

We meet or exceed all US safety standards for Children's products and Children's outdoor play equipment including ASTM F963, F1148, EN71-1 and EN71-8. We’ve tested Bijou to the highest standards for use and abuse, torque and tension as well as weathering and UV testing.

Anyone with imagination! Kids, teens, parents, and grandparents alike. Bijou Build’s nature-inspired aesthetic and modular design means it works for your whole family through the years. 250lb max weight.

Years and years! Our fabric panels have been tested for a variety of climates and extended use and abuse scenarios. Plus, your pressure treated wood stands up to the elements and, well, kids. We want your family to use your Bijou and make memories for years to come.

No! it does not. We purposely designed the panels to be as permeable as possible while still providing UV protection and shade. Bijou doesn’t hold water or wind so it is more sturdy and stable.

If your Bijou does ever get marred, simply spray down with soap of your choice and water and give a bit of a scrub with a brush. Similar to outdoor cushions etc…

YES! You have the option to order with wood or without. It couldn't be more simple!

Bijou uses standard construction grade pressure treated 2x4s available at your local hardware store.

Bijou doesn't require ANY special cuts and uses standard length wood at 10ft, so you can grab it right off the shelf.

It is important to use pressure treated wood for it's strength and durability in outdoor applications.

Pressure treated wood made after 2003 uses a non toxic treatment that is safe for children and pets.

Home Depot and Lowes will arrange delivery of your wood directly to your door for a small fee

Or, you can pick it up yourself and select exactly the pieces you want.

You can sand and add the finish to the wood to customize your Bijou.

Bijou will ship from Chicago, IL within 1-3 days once you place your order via FedEx.
Wood will ship from your closes Lowes or Home Depot and will arrive within 2-5 days of your order being placed.

Contact if you have any questions

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