5 Reasons To Buy A Reusable & Collapsible Outdoor Playhouse

5 Reasons To Buy A Reusable & Collapsible Outdoor Playhouse

 Reusable playhouse the future of outdoor fun

5 Reasons To Buy A Reusable & Collapsible Outdoor Playhouse


Heavy, rigid play structures can be seen polluting backyards across the country. As children get older, their interests rapidly change, and these solid structures that once brought joy now take up valuable space in your garden. With the North American outdoor play structure market worth approximately $698 million in 2021, surely there is an alternative to these old-school playhouses! Well, that’s where a reusable and collapsible outdoor playhouse from Bijou comes in! Designed for the modern world, it can be reused, repurposed, and is completely adaptable to your kid’s needs. So, here are five reasons to buy a reusable outdoor playhouse over a traditional climbing frame, swing, or playhouse.


1: Traditional Play Structures Are A Nightmare To Get Rid Of

The day you decide to remove an old or unused play structure is the day you’ll rue the day you choose to buy it. A traditional bulky playhouse or swing set can be a nightmare to take down. Not only will it likely be rusted and difficult to remove screws and bolts, but when it comes to recycling it, you can basically forget about it. Either you’ll need to sell it to a family with a big enough vehicle to transport it, or if it’s in poor condition, it needs to go straight to the scrap yard. And this is not doing the planet any good!

2: Let Your Creativity Run Wild

Another reason to ditch metal solid play structures that can’t be changed once assembled is that you should be able to redesign and add-on to the frame. Children thrive on being creative and having the ability to redesign their own play structure can help nurture their imagination and make way for years more of outdoor fun. With our playhouses, you can easily add on a swing or a slide and illuminate it with solar lights or add on platforms to expand the structure. This means you can make a cozy den for stargazing, a challenging assault course to burn off energy, or an adult-themed den to read a book on a summer’s day! The possibilities are endless!

3: A Play Structure With Adults In Mind 

While you might be tempted to climb on a traditional play structure when the kids are at school, they’re really not built or designed for adults. But, imagine a playhouse and structure that can be repurposed and enjoyed by parents too. This means you’re far less likely to need to throw away the materials and overall play structure when your kids grow since teenagers and adults can also use the structure to relax, hang out outdoors or burn off some energy.

4: Support The Green Market

Our play structure panels are made from recycled water bottle material and feature minimal packaging and shipping. This means unlike a traditional plastic playhouse or metal swing set, you can surprise your little ones with a sustainable play structure that supports the green market too.

5: Maximize Your Space At Home

Multi-functional is a necessity for a busy home environment. Every corner of your home and outdoor space needs to be adaptable. A living room can be a playroom during the day, a kitchen island can double up as a home office, and your garden can be both a BBQ area and a magical kingdom for the kids. With this in mind, buying a bulky, unmovable playhouse or play structure can be one big commitment and sacrifice that you just don’t want to make. It can take up the whole garden and become an eyesore as it gets weathered in a storm. That’s why a collapsible playhouse is a far better choice!

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