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Bijou Mainstay Duo Rambler




Embrace the challenge with the Bijou Mainstay Duo Rambler.

Get two Mainstays and one Rambler Bridge for a great price.

Put it together quickly - under 2 hours- and enjoy outdoor-grade materials for your ultimate play area. This robust set can brave any climate and supports up to 250 lbs. With UV-resistant recycled water bottle panels and stainless steel hardware, it's ready for ages 3-103. Ready, set, play!


Bijou Mainstay includes:

5 interchangeable, UV-protected panels, 1 solar panel of 100 LEDs, 1 5ft hover platform, 5 anchor feet, 15 U ground stakes, all hardware, 2 carrying straps and a solid steel hinged top bracket.

You can install the panels in any order that works for you.

Explore: features a doorway opening with a 2-sided zipper,

See: is a windowed panel with a removable insert,

Shelter: is a solid wall with applique design and lots of UV protection,

Caper: includes a crawl through opening,

Clamber: features a climbing wall with ABS rings and polyester webbing.

Bijou Mainstay has an installed height of 9.5' and a base diameter of 7.5'. Each foot is 5' apart from the next.

Rambler Rope Bridge includes:

14' Nylon UV protected rope bridge with adjustable attachment ropes

8 locking carabiners

4 velcro attachment straps

6 auger stakes with cam buckle attachment straps

For safety, Each Mainstay must be staked down with 3x 10" ground stakes on each anchor foot as well as with the included auger stakes on each of the 3 back legs (opposite the bridge)

For residential use only.

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Wood option

Learn more about wood options, please see out wood FAQ

Adds On:

Shipping: Shipping is Free. Orders are estimated Mid-June. For more information, please see our Shipping FAQs.

  • 5 styles of teslin panels made of recycled materials - play in so many ways!

    Solar panel with over 100 LEDs and 5ft floating platform

    Innovative patented steel bracket and anchor systems tested for safety.

    Easy setup - initial assembly takes less than an hour.

    Comes together beautifully with five 10ft long pressure treated 2x4’s

    Customizable add-ons like a Bijou Bridge and Bijou Sway Swing!

    Certified to all major safety standards for children’s products (ASTM F963, F1148, EN71-1 and EN71-8)

One Product Endless Enjoyment

Product Details

Your Bijou Build is made up of three parts:

  • The bracket system and anchors

  • Five interchangable panels

  • Pressure treated wood - Five 10ft long 2x4's

Certified to all US and EU standards

We stand by the safety of our product and offer 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 5 year manufacturers warranty.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee


5 Year Manufactures Warranty


ASTM International


Patent Pending

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We meet or exceed all US safety standards for Children's products and Children's outdoor play equipment including ASTM F963, F1148, EN71-1 and EN71-8

We perform UV, weathering, wind resistance and strength testing for any climate.

We conform to all standard use and abuse testing and perform extensive
misuse scenarios.

A structural engineer has evaluated all of our designs for safety.

Made With Quality

Double layer sewn seams

Polyester panels made using recycled water bottles

Reinforced Box stitching

Solid steel top star hub

Over 100 wrapped LEDs lights

Solid ABS rings and UV protected webbing

Easy Quick Setup!

Those kids keep you busy! Bijou is made for quick and easy assembly. Your initial assembly takes just under an hour with a helping hand or two.

Step Step


Ensure you have your Bijou Build kit and your pressure treated wood.


We recommend a relatively flat area, free of low-hanging branches or other obstructions. Also, choose a soft surface for staking.

Step Step
Step Step


It helps to have a couple adults in this step. See product manual for more detailed instructions.


Easily attach your five teslin panels in the order you’d like with the velcro straps provided.

Step Step
Step Step


Stake your Bijou Build to the ground to ensure everything stays put.


When you are done playing, remove the stakes, fold up the tent, and secure it with the included straps. We include easy to carry handles, so 2 adults (it's heavy!) can carry the Bijou to a new location or store it.

Step Step

Why Choose Us

We’re Customizable

Your family is one of a kind - so is your Bijou. Build and play in so many ways with customizable panels and add-ons. How you want, when you want.

Made with Quality

We’re Stylish

Say goodbye to cumbersome playsets that take away from your stunning backyard. Our modern, playful aesthetic inspires imagination and style.

Made with Quality

We’re Sustainable

Not only are the Bijou Build materials easy on the environment, our playset is multi-use, meaning it will last for years to come.

Made with Quality

What Customers Say

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Allison A.
Great backyard addition

Finding something that a 15 and 5yo can both enjoy is really tough but they both get something out of the Bijou! The customer service was great, quickly replacing one damaged board and solar light. So happy we purchased this.

Eric K.
Versatile and fun!

Ok, so I think I bought this for my nephews. But I’m a piano teacher so maybe it all started out as a way to occupy siblings of students as well. But it didn’t just stop there. I was in my yard the other day and decided to hang out in one of the hammock style parts and ended up taking the best nap. My sister in law carried a book in there the other day and read for an hour.

Now don’t get me wrong, the kids love it. It’s exciting and fun and very different from other play structures. I watch people slow down on bikes and cars and admirer it as they pass. The neighbors have all asked permission to play as well.

I can’t recommend this enough. It’s a whole bunch of fun for the price point that it’s in. And maybe even well beyond that.

Pete H.
Mainstay Duo is legit

First impression was surprise at the heft of each Mainstay (without wood) in a good way. The panels feel super durable. Our daughter and her friends play on it regularly and it’s held up through that and several thunderstorms perfectly. Pictures don’t do the bridge justice. The rope is much thicker in person and this is coming from someone who rock climbs and is used to rope. Every aspect of the duo easily holds up to an adult’s weight.

I know this is marketed as something to set up and take down and that feels practical for a single Mainstay but with 2 and the bridge between them it doesn’t make sense to do on the regular so plan accordingly.

Did need to modify a couple of things. The bijou sway swing and the upper supports of the bridge tend to slide down the wood over time. Was a super easy fix to screw a plastic spacer into the wood to give the ropes a positive stop to prevent the sliding and doesn’t affect the ability to fold and store.

We’d buy this all again if something somehow happened to it.

We ❤️ Bijou

Thank you, Amanda & Bijou team, for creating such fun products for the entire family. We ordered two mainstays and the rambler for our daughter. She and her friends couldn't get enough of them before we put them away in our shed to prep for the colder weather coming (bonus points for being able to fold these up and put them away easily). We just ordered the sway and A frame swing arm adaptor kit and know that it will bring even more fun for all of us once spring hits. Our friends said how they just ordered the mainstay for their kids as well, and I anticipate seeing more and more of them pop up along Long Island as word spreads about how fun they are. Bravo, Bijou!

Bijou Build in TX

We ordered the mainstay duo and it has been wonderful. The kids love the rope bridge and swing (Bijou Sway) as well as the blue platform. It provides a decent amount of shade and does not seem to overheat in the sun. We expected this, but it definitely took a lot more time than estimated on the website to set up. That being said, the materials are high quality and the directions were generally easy to follow. We purchased the wood locally instead of shipping it so you have to factor that in to your total build time. We are excited about all the modular pieces and how the kids (currently 5,3,2) will be able to use it for years to come. If it is helpful, here are some other install details:

We live in Dallas and have artificial grass in our backyard. We were still able to install the stakes; however, I imagine it would have been easier to do on grass. Also, there is a slight incline in our yard and we had to shift the location of the two mainstays so they could be on mostly level ground. It is pretty big! We have an 8 foot privacy fence and the top of the mainstays show above that. Thus far it seems to be holding up to the extreme heat we have experienced this summer, but time will tell. Unfortunately installing it on artificial grass makes it more difficult to fold up and store.


Our open-ended and modular design allows your kids to explore and play endlessly. The level of customization and play you get with your Bijou Build play structure you can’t find anywhere else. 

Single-use, plastic playsets are often clunky, uninspiring, and bad for the environment. The Bijou Build’s teslin panels made of recycled material are not only sustainable, they look beautiful too. 

There are so many ways you can Bijou and you can repurpose it as the years go by and the kids grow up, making it an environmentally responsible and stylish choice.

Just about anywhere! It’s an outdoor play structure, but you can use it in the backyard, at the grandparent’s, the lake house and more. We do recommend a relatively flat and soft surface, so the Bijou is safely staked to the ground and the kids can play to their heart’s content.

It’s actually peasy, lemon squeezy! Your initial assembly takes just under an hour with two adults. After that, whenever you want to Bijou, just pop it open, stake it to the ground, and get playing in just a few minutes.

You need a Bijou Build design kit from us, which comes with all the fixin’s and five 10ft pressure treated 2x4’s to be exact.  It comes automatically with your kit, but if you would prefer to get the wood from your local hardware store, you can indicate that at checkout as well (the price will adjust automatically). There’s no fancy cuts- just good ol’ 2x4’s. 2x4’s should be construction grade pressure treated for outdoor use. 

You will also need an 8ft step ladder and a drill to assemble the Bijou with the included wood screws.

With that, you’re ready to get started!

We meet or exceed all US safety standards for Children's products and Children's outdoor play equipment including ASTM F963, F1148, EN71-1 and EN71-8. We’ve tested Bijou to the highest standards for use and abuse, torque and tension as well as weathering and UV testing.

Anyone with imagination! Kids, teens, parents, and grandparents alike. Bijou Build’s nature-inspired aesthetic and modular design means it works for your whole family through the years.

Years and years! Our fabric panels have been tested for a variety of climates and extended use and abuse scenarios. Plus, your pressure treated wood stands up to the elements and, well, kids.  We want your family to use your Bijou and make memories for years to come.