Wood FAQ

It couldn't be more simple! 

Bijou uses standard construction grade pressure treated 2x4s available at your local hardware store.

Bijou doesn't require ANY special cuts and uses standard length wood at 10ft, so you can grab it right off the shelf. 

It is important to use pressure treated wood for it's strength and durability in outdoor applications.

Pressure treated wood made after 2003 uses a non toxic treatment that is safe for children and pets.

Home Depot and Lowes will arrange delivery of your wood directly to your door for a small fee

Or, you can pick it up yourself and select exactly the pieces you want. 

You can sand and add finish to the wood to customize your Bijou. 


Bijou Mainstay Assembly video

What's Next?

Those kids keep you busy! Bijou is made for quick and easy assembly. Your initial assembly takes just under an hour with a helping hand or two. 

1. Set out your supplies 
Ensure you have your Bijou Build kit and your pressure treated wood. 

2. Choose Your Location 
We recommend a relatively flat area, free of low-hanging branches or other obstructions.  Also, choose a soft surface for staking. 

3. Assemble Wood into Brackets 
It helps to have a couple of adults in this step. See the product manual for more detailed instructions. 

4. Attach panels
Easily attach your five Teslin panels in the order you’d like with the velcro straps provided. 

5. Stake to the ground 
Stake your Bijou Build to the ground to ensure everything stays put. 

6. Play and Put Away 
When you are done playing, remove the stakes, fold up the tent, and secure it with the included straps. We include easy to carry handles, so 2 adults (it's heavy!) can carry the Bijou to a new location or store it. 

When you’re ready, just open the tent back up, stake it to the ground, and start your next great adventure!

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