I've always been kind of a nut about lighting. 

I really dislike overhead lighting. I can't stand white/ blue light and I put up twinkle lights everywhere. 

Like many, my favorite time of the day is late afternoon. When the light diffuses through the air at that extreme angle and turns the world gold and soft. 

I have solar string lights around my yard and I love a good fire light. I still burn candles and we just got a new woodstove that has a nice clear glass front to put off a warm light in the darkness of winter. 

When I look out at my yard, I want to see magic. The magic of nature mixed with the magic of my family. 

When we first envisioned Bijou, we wanted to create something that I would enjoy looking at. Something beautiful and unique. Something that would draw people out into the yard. 

I saw so many ugly play structures in my friends beautiful gardens. I'm sure they appealed to the children for a few years, but now they were just an eyesore.

Traditional play structures also really focus on daytime play. I wanted something that would draw the kids out when it got dark at 4pm (yes, that's when it gets dark in late December here!) 

Bijou has an optional add on which is a 5 strand LED solar panel. The panel attaches to the top bracket and each strand of LED goes down a 2x4. 

When I first turned them on, I knew it was magical. It was something I wanted to look at. It was something pleasing to the eye and engaging for the kids. 

The panels themselves use a material that allows the natural sunlight to filter through so when you are inside, you feel like you are inside a warm sunlit hug. 

Light matters



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