How it works

Bijou Build is an integrated play SYSTEM. The "original" is only the beginning of our adventure. 


When we were developing Bijou, we wanted something that was:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Adaptable to our space and to our children
  • Collapsible for storage 


Bijou build is made up of 3 parts:

#1- Bracket system

#2- Interchangeable panels

#3- Pressure treated wood (not included)


Our bracket system is designed to fit straight cut standard pressure treated 2x4's. Made of powder coated steel, the hub is simple and strong. Your bracket system will also include wood screws, ground stakes and carrying straps. 



Next: Choose your panels

Each panel is interchangeable with another. We would recommend making sure you choose at least 1 doorway, but other than that, build what appeals to you! 


 Next: Get your wood (pressure treated outdoor lumber)

Our kit includes everything you need but the wood. Go to your local hardware store or national chain to purchase standard 10ft long 2x4's. No cuts/ angles etc.. needed.

I can vouch that a 10ft length can fit in a Honda Odyssey mini-van with the seats down 








If you can't pick up the wood yourself, most places offer delivery for a small fee. 


You can purchase the connector brackets and then you can connect 2x 5ft long sections. This means you can fit the wood in a standard sedan or compact car. 


Next: Choose your spot

You must choose an area free of low hanging branches, powerlines, laundry lines etc.... 

You should also choose a relatively flat area. The Bijou bracket will adjust up to a 10degree difference because it is hinged but too much may cause instability 

 Also, keep in mind that Bijou must be staked into the ground (with included U stakes) so choose an area that is soft enough to stake. 

Next: Assemble the wood to the brackets

Use the included wood screws and a power drill (not included)

First, attach the top bracket to one end of each 2x4.

Then, attach the 'foot' to the bottom of each 2x4. 

Lastly, attach each top bracket to the central hub.

Next: Assemble the panels onto the frame 

Simple velcro straps make installation a breeze.

Next: Stake into the ground

Extend all the legs to their max position with the panels installed and stake the feet into the ground.

When you want to collapse and store, simply un-stake and use the included storage straps. 

Bring it back out when you want it to play! 

More accessories and more ways to play to come.......