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Bijou Build
Ava O.
Just the coolest

We are so thrilled with our Bijou setup. We started with a single mainstay, then got a second, then the bridge, and now the swing arm. We've loved every piece more than the last! The setup really isn't bad at all, I did the mainstays solo and my husband helped with the swing arm but it was still really pretty straightforward. I love the strength of the material and how wild it allows my children to be. They love climbing and hanging and swinging so it's the perfect setup for our family. Everyone who walks by our house compliments our teepees because they are so cute and super unique. We've had them through the harsh NH winter and they still look as good as new. Our dogs even enjoy them as a bit of shade on sunny days. 10/10 recommend them to everyone.

All-weather fun

My family and I are based in Maine and have three children, ages 9, 7 and 4, and have enjoyed our Bijou playset in all four seasons, even in the depths of winter when winds are 20 miles/hour and there's a foot of snow on the ground. In fact, we've moved our playset around three times already in one year -- from our deck to the side of our house, to farther afield in the summer to give the kids more autonomy and privacy. It's a highly functional, easy to move playset/tent, and our kids have loved it.

Bijou Build
Susan W.
Bijou Build

My grandchildren ages 4 years to 11 years love the Bijou Rambler. The product is compact enough to fit in a small yard, yet has many fun accessories that can be attached to keep the kids active and coming back for more playtime! FedEx caused a significant delay in delivery but Amanda Lacy (Bijou owner) followed through immediately once notified of the problem. Excellent customer service. Thank you for creating an original product and standing by its quality.

Bijou Build
So far, so great!

We ordered 2 Mainstays and the Rambler Bridge (which should arrive in a few weeks). We just took down a gigantic cedar playset that was in sad shape and took up a massive part of our yard. We wanted to extend our patio, so the old structure had to go. We wanted something for our 7 and 3 year old, but we didn't want another massive, immovable playset that we were committed to for the next 5-10 more years and requires a lot of painting and maintenance. When I saw Bijou online, I was sold. I love that we can take it down before Washington's wet/cold season and that if we are having a party or need the space, we can simply move them.

The assembly did take longer than stated (about 2 hours for the 1st teepee), but that was mostly because of the learning curve of wrapping the straps properly (watch the online video first, the pictures in the directions just didn't work for our brains) and having a construction-loving 7 year old "helping". The kids (and dog) absolutely love them. So much so that our 7 year old set his morning school alarm 30 minutes early to race downstairs to lay on the platform and climb before school. The quality is fantastic. The structure is very secure and it looks great! Can't ask for much more than that.

Bijou Build
Melissa S.
Love it!

My kids are obsessed with this and it has been such a life saver for us!

OMG best backyard structure ever

Our 4 year old LOVEs LOVEs our Bijou. Now that its spring, the platform is her favorite place in our home. She calls it her nest.

We were looking for something special for our backyard and. Something different than all the other options that would require a permanent installation. We could not be happier with Bijou. And, are looking forward to building out the platform as new additions become available.

Christian, Christine and a very happy Cayla